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As you can guess, I'm a fan of computers and Apple. One morning, we thought about where to go, and Kate read about the Apple museum in Warsaw. My first thought was something like oh-my.

This museum is the largest in the World. I think it's a fun fact. Steve Wozniak – one of the founders of Apple – has Polish roots. The family name also hints about it.

Cześć, Hello, Bonjour! The ticket costs $12.

The museum is in Fabryka Norblina in the center of Warsaw. It's a factory with 200 years of history. There are more than 1600 exhibits related to the history of Apple. Do you know about Apple printers or cameras?

Apple I

Apple I was the first computer developed by Apple in 1976. The introductory price was $666.66. There are no more than 50 computers in the world nowadays. If you are lucky enough, you can find one at the auction for $500.000.

It's a replica of the original computer, but you can see real Wozniak's sign on the user manual and the motherboard.

Apple II and friends

Apple II is a legend in the computer world because it's one of the first personal computers and the most produced and cloned computer.

Timeline of Apple II family, Wikipedia.

The series was started in 1978 and discounted in 1993. There are many-many modifications and many-many clones. Some sources say that around 200 clone models were produced.

Almost modern Macs

Zoomers don't know about them. Boomers say that they were the best computers and the grass was green. For me, it's just computers.

I didn't know about enterprise solutions like Workgroup Server before. The series of Workgroup Servers was started in 1993 and discounted in 2003. Also, "Studio Display" is reused title from 1999.


Newton, colorful iBook, PowerBook? Black MacBook from plastic?

Duo Dock II is one of the most strange devices, in my opinion. The docking station turns a connected PowerBook Duo into a full-featured desktop Macintosh.


Apple produced printers and print paper from the 1980s to the end 1990s. They can be divided into three groups: dot matrix, laser, and thermal inkjet.

Some weird things from Apple

Analog Apple Watch, digital camera QuickTake, video conference camera, the repair suitcase. Wow!


Software, guides, and other boxes

Do you remember software boxes, CDs, and tapes? I think it's a kind of forgotten art. Some of the examples were very unexpected for me. Some of them look very fresh even today.

Bonus videos

I played with old-school iMacs produced at the start of the 2000s. Sometimes I see opinions like old macOS was better and faster. So, you can check the genie effect on the original iMac PowerPC!

Really don't understand why modern OS are so silent. Just listen to these sounds. I think they are fun and cute.


Must see it in Warsaw. It's a nice place if you love the history of computers or are a tech lover. Exhibition changes time-to-time. I visited the museum at the end of 2022.

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